Guarantee. In order to best serve you, a guaranteed attendance number is required three (3) business days in advance of the function. Once confirmed, the attendance can be increased however, we are unable to accommodate cancellations/attendance decreases. In the event that a situation arises that requires a drastic increase in attendance within 24 hours of the event, additional charges tied to the difficulties it creates in servicing the event will be charged. These charges are left to the discretion of Four by Brother Luck. Please contact an event director for more information on how these minimums are calculated.

Ordering Policy. If a plated menu is desired, guests will be limited to two options with the higher priced menu item being charged. The group is responsible for providing place cards indicating the entree choice of each guest along with the guaranteed breakdown of choices three (3) business days in advance.

Passed hors d’oeuvres. Require an additional server fee of $25 per event, per server. The amount of servers needed for your specific event will remain at the discretion of Four by Brother Luck.

Tax & Service Charge. A 20 percent taxable service charge, plus a combined 8.25 percent state, local & federal sales tax will be applied to all food, beverage and rental items.

Alcohol Service. Four by Brother Luck can assist with the procurement and delivery of alcohol for your event. The State of Colorado does not permit off -site catering companies to obtain licenses for events outside of their physical buildings. Therefore, a Client may purchase a private license or may obtain the liquor privately. Four by Brother Luck does not carry liability insurance to serve alcohol outside the physical restaurant.

Bartender Fee. Bartenders are billed at $100 per event per bartender. One bartender for every 75 guests for a hosted bar is recommended. For events exceeding 5 hours in length, additional fees may apply.

Chef Fees. In the event that your menu requires a chef attendance, a $100.00 fee per chef per station will apply, for five (5) hours. Additional Charge will be added for additional hours.

Rental Equipment. Four by Brother Luck carries all the service and cooking equipment needed for service of our menu. In special cases for custom menus additional equipment may be required to service your event. All costs will be discussed with our clients prior to the acquisition of the equipment.

Service Perimeter. Four by Brother Luck may cater anywhere within Colorado state limits. We are able to execute service in literally any destination you may have in mind, so please, don’t be afraid to ask. We will interface with your venue of choice and their staff to create a seamless experience for all of your family and guests. Certain restrictions and additional charges or changes to these policies may apply when attempting service in remote locations.

Outdoor Functions. For any functions scheduled in outdoor facilities, Four by Brother Luck reserves the right of final decision to move service to an indoor location based on weather forecast. This decision will be made by the discretion of Four by Brother Luck.

Cancellation Policy. In the event of cancellation, it is understood and acknowledged that the full extent of any loss, inclusive of costs of re-marketing would be difficult for either party to ascertain. It is agreed among both parties that the following penalties are reasonable and expectable as liquidated damages. Cancellation of a signed contract will result in the following penalties:

– 100% of contracted food minimum including service charges and taxes if cancellation received 90 days or less prior to the function.

– 75% of contracted food minimum including service charges and taxes if cancellation received 91 – 180 days or less prior to the function.

– 50% of contracted food minimum including service charges and taxes if cancellation received 181 – date of

Payment. Payment for services may be made with cash, credit or personal check (personal checks will require a one week lead time for acceptance). Four by Brother Luck will maintain valid credit information on file at all times, regardless of payment type desired, for deposit transactions. Please advise your Event Manager if you would like to use alternate methods for separate deposits. Deposits are required for all definite bookings. Final payment is due no later than three (3) business days prior to the start of the event. Four by Brother Luck reserves the right to cancel events with unpaid balances.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]