About Us

Unique Southwestern-style dishes & creative cocktails served in relaxed digs 

with craft beer on tap located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Four by Brother Luck is a new American restaurant redefining Southwestern cuisine in a four course tasting menu style with wine pairings, creative cocktails and craft beers. Located in beautiful downtown Colorado Springs, Four by Brother Luck is the most popular destination for any culinary connoisseur and foodie. Created in 2018, Chef Brother Luck drew inspiration from those who define the food world; the farmers, fisherman, hunters, and gatherers. The menu changes with each season and allows the chefs to utilize local and fresh ingredients.

At Four by Brother Luck, guests will find a unique option for the Four Course experience and also an opportunity to add a wine pairing that has been hand picked by our talented in-house sommelier, Steve Kander. Guests can choose a la carte or create their own meal experience while sipping perfectly crafted cocktails or beer. Four by Brother Luck is a dining experience complete with stellar service, exquisite wine pairings and we invite you to dine with us tonight! 

What People Say

Cooking is a way of remembering the ghosts of my past. Whenever I’m in the kitchen it’s a surreal experience that takes me on a roller coaster of emotions. Preparing food is a type of therapy and serving others is my reward. – Chef Brother Luck

Brother Luck

Owner and Chef

Matthew Sparks

Director of Operations

Ashley Brown

Chef de Cuisine

Steve Kander


David Ortiz

Sous Chef

Camille Aho

Pastry Chef

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